Logo, branding package, and marketing materials




Fisher Fine Arts LIbrary exterior, 1904


Fisher Fine Arts Library, which is located at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, was designed by Frank Furness and completed in 1890. The architecture and ornament of the building draw many visitors to the library each year. We provided the library with a branding package and marketing strategy to give Fisher a graphic identity. 


Logo and Brand Development


glossary of icons made by abstracting architectural features of the library


Because most students refer to the library simply as "fisher", we decided to rebrand Fisher Fine Arts Library as FISHER and integrate graphic icons that allude to the library's fascinating architectural elements. Using a 3X3 grid, many unique combinations can be made to generate a collection of logos. 

fisher web-06.png

collection of produced marketing materials with logos implemented

dragon mascot used for marketing on social media

bookmarks with icons