Tarkwa-Breman Ecopond and Campus

Along with the development of a girls’ school, village hospital, and assembly space, an ecopond will be created at the lowest point in the topography of the allotted site located west of the village. The ecopond, equipped with organisms that purify the water, will serve as a community swimming pool and source of drinking water. Development of the girls’ school occurs along the southern edge of the ecopond while the hospital sits north of the main road.


completeled girls' school using combination of our studio's designs


Context Analysis and Village Plan


map of strip mining: illegal surface gold mining along Ankobra River has dried up rivers and lakes, contaminated the fish, and introduced mercury poisoning to the inhabitants of Tarkwa-Breman and its neighboring villages.


ecopond, water channels, and rainwater catchment area


Ecopond Details


Campus Plan and Construction

village expansion plan


Campus Plan includes final phases of village expansion, which will begin as hospital staff housing, the ecopond, a neighborhood park, the school and clinic, and the completed network of rainwater harvesting channels.

phased campus plan


village hospital phase one plan


girls' school phase one plan


construction axonometrics


corrugated metal roof plan

reflected ceiling plan showing truss system


section cutting through classroom


Assembly Space and Visitor Center


hypar mesh diagrams


outdoor assembly space plan

outdoor assembly space section


Renderings and Model


view of school from hospital entry


view of school from neighborhood park