Seahorse Biomimicry


Seahorse Skeleton Biomimicry

The skeletal system of the seahorse consists of stacked rings of bony plates that enclose the spine and serve as protective armor. These plates can compress vertically and slide laterally, providing an effective defense mechanism against predators. Studies on the resilience and modularity of a seahorse's skeletal system are used to create an abstract physical analogue and pavilion proposal.

Located on Walnut Street Bridge in West Philadelphia.


Analysis of Seahorse Skeleton


extracting plan and elevation views of bony plate


abstraction of one skeleton ring


construction and folding of analogue module


assembly of one bony plate layer using four modules


abstracted section diagrams


Bristol Board Model


Development of Pavilion


site plan


targeted views looking over walnut street bridge


exploded view of pavilion modules


Rendered installation

interior and exterior views


Physical Model