Schuylkill River


Schuylkill River Park Installations

The site is analyzed through its topography and qualities found in abstract geometries, convergence points, clear divisions between the natural and built environment, and a phenomenon involving the sun, clouds, and water. Two installations based on these analyses are proposed with one revealing the geometric and compositional qualities of the site and the other illustrating the phenomenon via an interactive element.

Located by the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA.


schuylkill river park on an autumn afternoon


Site Analysis: Views


measured topography


view highlighting asymmetry in site


view highlighting divisions in natural and built elements


Installation 1:

consists of a series of panels through which to view a strong division in the site. one set mirrors the man-made, constructed side on the west while the other set highlights the natural, living side on the east.


development of panels


series of overlapping panels


Site Analysis: Phenomenon


Installation 2:

consists of a simulation of the relationship between clouds, sun, and the river. visitors engage with the installation by walking on the reflective “water” and moving translucent “clouds” to create different spaces in light.


configuration of cloud and track system


exploded axonometric


systematic folding of "water" base


physical model constructed using matte board, plywood, foam core